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Hacker attacks on Android phones

Despite the fact that most people associate hacker attacks with computers running Windows, the Android operating system also represents an attractive target for hackers.

A bit of history:

Early hackers who used low-tech (at that time) phones to break into communication networks and make free international calls were called “phreaks” (phreakers); this word is a combination of the words “phone” (phone) and “freak” (fraudster). In the 1970s, they formed their own subculture, and their activities became known as phreaking.

Today, when the era of analog technology has been replaced by the digital era, phreakers have become hackers and feel great in a world where more than two billion mobile devices work. Hackers of mobile devices use many methods to open access to the victim’s mobile phone and intercept voicemail messages, phone calls, text messages, and even collect information directly using the device’s microphone and camera – of course, all this happens without the user’s knowledge.