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To become a hacker, you need to:

Learn and use a UNIX system, for example, Ubuntu or macOS
Initially, UNIX systems were designed for programmers developing software, and not for users who do not belong to the IT sphere in any way. UNIX systems are systems on which almost the entire Internet is based, since they are mainly used as a server (most often Debian and Ubuntu). You can’t become a hacker without studying them and learning how to work with the terminal.

For Windows users

If you are using Windows, there is good news for you: you do not need to delete the current system and format the disk. There are several ways to work with Linux:

Learn VirtualBox (an emulator program for the operating system). After studying it, you will be able to run the operating system in the operating system. It sounds scary, but the program can be very useful.
Install Linux next to Windows. If you do everything correctly, the boot loaders of the systems will not conflict. This is done quite simply: there are many manuals on the Internet.